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  • DATES: 30 Nov – 14 Dec 2019
  • DISTANCE: 2296kms
  • MOTORCYCLE: Custom built 500cc Royal Enfield Bullet Bobber (View Spec)
  • RIDING DAYS: 11 Days
  • DURATION: 14 Nights

  • CHALLENGE: 50%
  • PRICE: $4,980.00 USD
  • PILLION: $4,730.00 USD
  • RIDING CONDITIONS: 100% Tarmac
  • DEPOSIT: $850.00 USD per person


  • Ride a Custom built 500cc Royal Enfield Bullet Bobber across the Great Indian Desert highways
  • Tiger spotting in Ranthambore
  • A sunset boat trip on Lake Pichola
  • Visit the stunning Golden, Pink and Blue cities
  • Tour Rajasthan’s mighty forts

About: Way Out West Rajasthan


We like to engage in some very different offerings when it comes to motorcycle adventure and this ride is one of them. We are taking our brand new custom built 500cc Royal Enfield Bullet Bobbers into Rajasthan and across the highways of the Great Indian Desert. These are the coolest motorcycles in India and have been specially built just for the roads of Rajasthan. Each one is completely unique. It has its own Indian derived name, it’s been painted a different colour and is a one off. We are not showing them in the photographs however they will also be fitted with brown leather ‘cowboy style’ leather panniers. They’re still being made.

This is a top drawer motorcycle ride that combines the real highlights of Rajasthan. Each day you will discover more about the rich culture and heritage as you ride through some of the most idyllic rural areas visiting mighty forts and impressive palaces. Each day you will be spoiled by the stunning surroundings, the vast desert highways, the colourful culture, the clear blue skies and bright sunshine that accompanies us all the way. Whether its spotting tigers in Ranthambore or the intense energy of meditation in Jaisalmer, at each turn of the wheel you’ll discover the true Rajasthan. Add to this the thrill of riding a 1950’s style uniquely built classic motorcycle, you have the most laidback motorcycle adventure India has to offer.

We are restricting the number to 12 custom built 500cc Bullet Bobber motorcycles, that’s it. Its first come first served so be quick.

Included: Way Out West Rajasthan

What’s included?

Your custom built 500cc Royal Enfield Bullet Bobber, accommodation, breakfast and evening meals, all arranged internal transfers, a fully experienced UK and Indian support team, mechanical back up and support vehicles, luggage truck, medical support and departing airport transfers. A Tiger Safari in Ranthambore, sunset camel ride in Osian, sunset boat trip on Lake Pichola and a guided tour of Jaisalmer’s Fort and markets.

What’s not included?

International flights, visa costs, travel insurance, fuel, evening drinks, and any travel arrangements or costs outside of the proposed itinerary.

Itinerary: Way Out West Rajasthan

Day 1: Arrive in Delhi

After a short drive you will arrive at our starting point hotel. You can now relax in the sunshine by the pool and sip your favourite drink as you unwind after your long journey.

Day 2: Manesar – Neemrana [75kms]

Today you will be introduced to your beloved Bullet Bobber that you will ride for the duration of the trip. She now belongs to you for the next two weeks. We set off on a short warm up ride crossing into Rajasthan to Neemrana. We will treat today as a warm up to let you get used to riding your Bullet Bobber on India’s legendary roads.

Day 3: Neemrana – Mandawa [160kms]

You will experience a good mix of highway and country roads we head deeper into Rajasthan. Mandawa was originally a trading outpost for the ancient caravan routes that stopped here from China and the Middle East.

Day 4: Mandawa to Osian [320kms]

This is our first big riding day of the tour as we cruise across the desert terrain taking in the sand dune scenery. Osian is perched on the edge of the mighty Thar desert where you can savour the tranquillity of Rajasthan in all its glory.

Day 5: Osian – Jaisalmer [250kms]

What an inspiring way to start the morning as we set off on our ride to the westernmost corner of Rajasthan to visit a city that has long been considered one of India’s most treasured settings. Jaisalmer could best be described as an eclectic confusion of camels, spices, chaos and colour.

Day 6: Rest day in Jaisalmer

We are spending our rest day in “The Golden City”. This moniker can be attributed to the fact that yellow sand combined with sandstone used in every structure of the city creates a shining golden halo. There are many ways to enjoy your rest day. You can take a camel ride, visit the abandoned town of Kuldhara, tour Jaisalmer Fort, visit Gadisar Lake or take a stroll through the hot and dusty narrow lanes of the local bazaars where you can view the centuries old Havelis that Rajasthan is famously known for.

Day 7: Jaisalmer – Jodhpur [270kms]

Hopefully you have enjoyed your rest day as we’re heading off early towards the centre of Rajasthan. Tonight we stay in the majestic city of Jodhpur, commonly known as the “Blue City” due to the vivid blue-painted houses around the Mehrangarh Fort.

Day 8: Jodhpur – Ranakpur [155kms]

During today’s ride you will witness the most beautiful rural scenes as you see small children taking baskets of midday meals to their fathers working in the fields beside the Sakia (Persian Wheel). Undulating ground, barren wilderness, date trees and terraced fields complete this awesome spectacle where life has not changed for centuries. This evening’s destination, Ranakpur, hosts a magnificent marble Jain temple said to be one the most spectacular In India.

Day 9: Ranakpur – Udaipur [95kms]

Many people describe Udaipur as the Venice of the East. Some even call it the City of Lakes. Whatever you call it, nothing can take away the natural beauty of the elevated hills and mirror like lakes. They are a perfect backdrop for a city that is regarded as the most romantic in the world. It is a constant barrage of information, it has vivid colour and has many differing cultures where the unbelievably ancient rubs elbows with the very modern. You will see every conceivable mode of transport, from big expensive cars and buses at one end of the street, down to rickshaws, horse-drawn carts and camels, all sharing the same road space.

Day 10: Udaipur – Pushkar [280kms]

By now you will be well used to riding your Bullet Bobber on the roads of India. It’s the only place in the world where you can blow your horn and the cows move off the road. Someone once asked me if I had ever noticed that anybody riding slower than you is an idiot and any one going faster than you is a maniac? Remember not to get lost on this empty road as a shortage of signs and milestones persist. With enjoyable scenery and a never ending experience of twists and turns, this is a road to watch out for. Gently does it as we head to Pushkar.

Day 11: Pushkar – Ranthambore National Park [265kms]

It’s up early today and time to get on the Bullet Bobbers again. A real treat lies in store for you as we have such a scenic ride where fields of mustard crops fill the landscape for mile after mile as far as the eye can see. Dotted amongst the mustard fields are crumbling ruins of days gone by. It is way more beautiful than I have the talent to describe. Some of the centuries-old ruins are still inhabited to this day.

Day 12: Rest day in Ranthambore National Park

I am sure this is the day that everyone is looking forward to. I have lived and ridden all over India and I spotted a tiger for the first time on a morning safari in Ranthambore. A big female that had cubs, what an awesome experience. We will all head out on an early morning safari as the chances of spotting a tiger in the wild at Ranthambore are amongst the best in India. Recent reports would suggest that there are around fifty two tigers in the park. The landscape is dominated by the formidable 10th century Ranthambore Fort. It’s a huge structure that contains ruined pavilions, splendid monuments, and three Hindu temples. Tigers are regularly spotted in the ruins.

Day 13: Ranthambore – Jaipur [156kms]

A leisurely start will suit us today as we have a fairly easy ride. We leave the national park and head to the capital city of Rajasthan, Jaipur. It’s also known as ‘The Pink City’ in reference to its distinctly coloured buildings. It has stunning architecture, fantastic food, great shopping, grand palaces, and wonderfully cultivated gardens. The city is surrounded by rolling hills and is known for it’s perfect weather. It’s no wonder Jaipur was ranked by Condé Nast as the 7th best place to visit in Asia. The beautiful architecture and pink painted avenues are what make Jaipur special.

Day 14: Jaipur – Manesar [270kms] FINISH

A motorcycle road trip is about letting your soul fly free on a jet stream of steel and concrete, experiencing raw adventure on the open road, living, and riding by the seat, and casting all cares to the wind. I am sure that you will already be relishing the memories of the previous days. It’s our last day of riding as we head back to our starting destination at Manesar taking the scenic route through Sariska National Park. It’s time to part company with your Bullet Bobber that has supported you loyally and without question.

Day 15: Depart.

Information Pack: Way Out West Rajasthan

Download the Information Pack here.

This Information Pack includes everything you need to know about this Adventure, including Insurance Details & Emergency Contacts, Your Health, Kit List, Driving/Riding Conditions, Questions and Answers and Visa Application.


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Alex Pirie.

Founder of Nomadic Knights.

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