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  • DATES: 13-27 Feb 2021
  • DISTANCE: 2340kms

  • DRIVING DAYS: 12 Days
  • DURATION: 14 Nights
  • DRIVING CONDITIONS: 100% tarmac
  • CHALLENGE: 70%
  • PRICE SHARED: (Max 2 people) $4,480.00 USD per person
  • PRICE SINGLE DRIVER: (Not Sharing) $5,940.00 USD

  • DEPOSIT: $850.00 USD per person

About: Steph’s Best Exotic Nano Car Rally

Steph Jeavons returned home in 2018 from her record breaking four-year solo ride around the world by motorbike. Having visited 54 countries, one place she always said she would love to return to is Rajasthan.

“Rajasthan is a magical place of beauty, culture, and the bizarre. It is a great setting for an adventure as it stimulates all the senses. You don’t get much more exotic than this and I challenge anyone not to fall in love with this unique part of India!”.

Steph now wants to share her passion for the area with others, and far from being predictable, she now wants to do it on four wheels instead of two, creating a whole new adventure.

If you are looking for the ultimate car rally, a fabulous fun journey, a spectacular route, an exciting schedule and wonderful company then you need look no further. This is a one off unique event, there is nothing else like it and is an adventure you won’t want to miss.

On 14th Feb 2021, the flag will fall at the start of Steph’s Best Exotic Nano Car Rally, “Rajasthan Or Bust” As we venture far into the mighty Thar Desert, we invite you to join us.

Come and experience the mysteries and wonders of Rajasthan from the best possible vantage point.

It will be a remarkable adventure… Over the next 13 days we will be driving over 2,300kms, visiting the colourful cities of Jaisalmer, Jodhpur, and Jaipur. We stay in desert camps, ancient forts and grand palaces during this once in a lifetime experience. Our car of choice will be the quintessentially Indian Tata Nano. It’s funky and it’s fun and drives like dream. It’s India’s version of the Citroen 2CV.

I am sure you have watched or heard of the movie, “The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel”. It was shot on location in Rajasthan and we actually stay in the hotel where it was filmed and it’s awesome.

You can create a team or a theme, bring stickers and decorate your car, wear wigs or fancy dress, or just come and enjoy the adventure. It will be good fun regardless, just arrive and drive. If you prefer not to drive we can supply a driver for you. The rally will be limited to 15 cars maximum and we are expecting it to be a sell out so book up early to secure your car.

If you are in any doubt as to whether this rally is for you or how totally life changing this adventure can be then have a read of some of the previous participants experiences on the testimonials page.

We would love you and your official Rally Car to help raise funds for a charity close to our hearts… Adventure Ashram, a small, but mighty charity that is driven by the spirit of adventure.

Their focus is in supporting anti-trafficking, health and education grassroots projects in India. You and your mighty Nano will be raising vital funds by selling space on your car for logos, images and messages of support.



Included: Steph’s Best Exotic Nano Car Rally

What’s included?

Your Tata Nano, all accommodation, breakfast and evening meals, all arranged internal transfers, a fully experienced support team, mechanical back up and support vehicles. The highlights of the rally are many and the cost includes a tiger safari in Ranthambore, camel riding in the desert, a visit to the Taj Mahal and a guided tour of Jaisalmer Fort and markets.

What’s not included?

International flights, visa costs, travel insurance, evening drinks, fuel and any travel arrangements or costs outside of the proposed itinerary.

Itinerary: Steph’s Best Exotic Nano Car Rally

Day 1: Arrive in Delhi

After a short journey you will arrive at the resort in Manesar. You can relax in the sunshine by the pool and sip your favourite drink as you unwind after your long journey. We can all get together this evening and you can ask as many questions as like in regards to what lies ahead.

Day 2: Manesar – Neemrana [75kms]

We will have driver briefing around 10am after which you will be introduced to your Tata Nano that’s now yours for the duration of the rally. She now belongs to you. Give her a name if you wish. We set off on a short drive crossing into Rajasthan to Neemrana. Think of today as a warm up drive as there is nothing too challenging however it will let you get used to driving and experiencing the legendary Indian roads. As today is Valentines Day we will all be having dinner in the main courtyard of the stunning 600 year old Neemrana Fort Palace. It’s a very special place that the romantically minded of you will remember for a very long time.

Day 3: Neemrana – Mandawa [160kms]

You’ll experience a good mix of highway and country roads we drive deeper into Rajasthan. Mandawa was originally a trading outpost for the ancient caravan routes that stopped here from China and the Middle East.

Day 4: Mandawa to Osian [320kms]

This is our first big driving day of the rally as we cruise across the desert terrain taking in the sand dune scenery. Osian is perched on the edge of the mighty Thar Desert where you can savour the tranquillity of Rajasthan in all its glory. Once we arrive, we will literally jump on the back of a camel and head out into the desert to watch the sun go down. After dinner. the campfire will be lit, traditional music will be played, dancers will dance and you may even feel like joining in. You wouldn’t be the first. Our accommodation this evening is Arabian style tents.

Day 5: Osian – Jaisalmer (Golden City) [250kms]

What an inspiring way to start the morning as we set of on our drive to the westernmost corner of Rajasthan to visit a city that has long been considered one of India’s most treasured settings. Jaisalmer could best be described as an eclectic confusion of camels, spices, chaos and colour. We will try our best to arrive in Jaisalmer as early as possible as i will arrange a guided tour of Jaisalmer Fort and markets.

Day 6: Jaisalmer – Jodhpur (Blue City) [270kms]

We set of early heading towards almost the centre point of Rajasthan. Tonight we stay in the majestic city of Jodhpur, commonly known as the “Blue City” due to the vivid blue-painted houses in and around the Mehrangarh Fort. Jodhpur city at night is absolutely spectacular and i encourage to grab a rickshaw and see the colourful markets nearby to our hotel.

Day 7: Jodhpur – Ranakpur [155kms]

We can start our drive a bit later today as i thoroughly recommend that you plan a morning visit the truly stunning Mehrangarh Fort. During today’s drive you will witness the most beautiful rural scenes as you see small children taking baskets of midday meals for their fathers working in the fields beside their Sakia (Persian Wheel). Undulating ground, barren wilderness, date trees and terraced fields complete this awesome spectacle where life has not changed for centuries. This evening’s destination, Ranakpur, hosts a magnificent marble Jain temple, said to be one the most spectacular In India.

Day 8: Ranakpur – The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel [130kms]

If you feel brave enough this morning you can indulge in an early morning pool swim as the warm sun rises over the mountains. We set of on a beautiful morning drive through the forest roads of the Aravalli hills and on towards the magnificent Kumbhalgarh Fort. The fort is a truly amazing place which is surrounded by a 36km wall, the 2nd biggest wall in the world after the Great Wall Of China. We can stop at the fort, have some snacks and have leisurely tour before jumping back into our Ambys to head across the countryside towards tonights destination, “The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel”. You will love this place and Nitin (the manager) and his family will as always make us most welcome. We will indulge in some rooftop gin and tonics as the sun sets before heading to our rooms to dress for this evening’s dinner. Make sure you camera is charged as this will be one of the most memorable evenings you have ever experienced.

Day 9: The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel – Ranthambore [360kms]

By now you will be well used to driving your beloved little Tata Nano on the roads of India. It’s the only place in the world where you can blow your horn and the cows move off the road. Someone once asked me if I had ever noticed that anybody driving slower than you is an idiot and any one going faster than you is a maniac? Remember not to get lost on this empty road, as a shortage of signs and milestones persist. But still with enjoyable scenery and a never ending experience of twists and turns, this is a road to watch out for.

Day 10: Rest day in Ranthambore National Park

I am sure this is the day that everyone is looking forward to. I have lived and ridden all over India and I spotted a tiger for the first time on a morning safari in Ranthambore. A big female that had cubs, what an awesome experience. We will all head out on an early morning safari as the chances of spotting a tiger in the wild at Ranthambore are amongst the best in India. Recent reports would suggest that there are around fifty two tigers in the park. The landscape is dominated by the formidable 10th century Ranthambore Fort. It’s a huge structure that contains ruined pavilions, splendid monuments, and three Hindu temples. Tigers are regularly spotted in the ruins.

Day 11: Ranthambore – Jaipur (Pink City) [156kms]

A leisurely start will suit us today as we have an easy drive. I am sure that we will all be sharing our wildlife photographs over breakfast. Today we leave the national park and head to the capital city of Rajasthan, Jaipur. It’s also known as “The Pink City” in reference to its distinctly coloured buildings. It has stunning architecture, fantastic food, great shopping, grand palaces, and wonderfully cultivated gardens. The city is surrounded by rolling hills and mountains and the area, as a whole, is known for perfect weather. It’s no wonder Jaipur was ranked by Condé Nast as the 7th best place to visit in Asia! However, the beautiful architecture and pink painted avenues are really what make Jaipur special.

Day 12: Jaipur – Agra [270kms]

The drive to Agra is entertaining. You will see buses, livestock, pedestrians, motorbikes, tractors and trucks all competing for the same piece of highway Your driving skills will be put to the test as you expertly weave through the traffic with some of your favourite tunes playing on your sound system. You will see many buses where the passengers ride on top. Some may think it’s dangerous but it’s a way of life for many people in India. The time will pass very quickly when you’re on a highway so varying in quality.

Day 13: Rest Day in Agra (Visit to the Taj Mahal)

Known as one of the Eighth Wonders of the World, the Taj Mahal is widely considered one of the most beautiful buildings ever created. The exquisite marble structure is a mausoleum and an enduring monument to the love of a husband for his favorite wife. It’s also an eternal testament to the artistic and scientific accomplishments of a wealthy empire. It is said that 20,000 stone carvers, masons, and artists from across India and as far as Turkey and Iraq were employed under a team of architects to build the Taj Mahal on the banks of Agra’s Jamuna River. They completed the epic task between 1631 and 1648. It is set within lush gardens, complete with an enormous reflecting pool that regularly does what no human has ever been able to accomplish – duplicate the beauty of the Taj Mahal.

Day 14: Agra – Manesar [215kms] FINISH

A car rally is about letting your soul fly free on a jet stream of steel and concrete, experiencing raw adventure on the open road, living, driving by the seat and casting all cares to the wind. I am sure that you will already be relishing the memories of the previous days. It’s our last day of driving as we head back to our starting destination at Manesar. It’s time to part company with your Nano that has supported you loyally and without question. We will all be feeling a little sad however I don’t think it will last very long as we prepare ourselves for our last night party which I am sure will continue into the wee small hours of the morning.

Day 15: Check out and head to Delhi airport.

Information Pack: Steph’s Best Exotic Nano Car Rally

Information Pack coming soon.

This Information Pack includes everything you need to know about this Adventure, including Insurance Details & Emergency Contacts, Your Health, Kit List, Driving/Riding Conditions, Questions and Answers and Visa Application.


How to get here: Steph’s Best Exotic Nano Car Rally



Manesar is easy to get to. The easiest way is to fly into Indira Gandhi International Airport, Delhi, which is around 40kms from our starting point hotel. You need to arrive on the start day of the rally, which is the 13/02/20.

A local taxi from Delhi Airport to the hotel will cost around 1,500inr (one thousand five hundred Indian rupees) (around $20.00 USD). The journey will take around one hour or longer if the traffic is busy. Uber and Ola taxis are available if preferred. I will be at the hotel when you arrive on the 13th and your room will be ready for you. The check in time is 2pm however feel free to arrange an earlier check in with the hotel if required. Please mention that you are with Nomadic Knights.

The address of our starting point hotel is the Heritage Village Resort & Spa, NH8, Gurugram, Manesar, 122051. Tel: 0091 1242 871500 Fax: 0091 1242 871585 Email: or

Check in time: 2 pm Check out time: 12 noon.

If there are any problems please call or text Alex on his mobile: 0091 9623 048879.

We end the rally at the Heritage Village Resort & Spa on the 26/02/20 and depart the next day on the 27/02/20.

We will have taxis available from the hotel to take you back to the drop off point at Indira Gandhi International Airport. If you do not wish to be dropped at Delhi airport please make your own arrangements. If you have a domestic internal flight to catch make sure you go to the domestic terminal.

Please make sure that you have checked in at least two hours prior to your flights, inward and outbound. For your flight arrangements I suggest that you try a couple of Indian based travel websites which offer competitive pricing. or Have a great journey to India for the trip of a lifetime.

See you soon.

Alex Pirie.

Founder of Nomadic Knights.






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Due to limited connectivity and long days in the saddle, I’m not able to respond quickly to enquiries or messages. We’ll be done by the 21st of July.

In the meantime, if you’re looking to book a ride, please proceed to the website.

Alex, the Team, and a Motley Crew of riders.

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