28 January, 2020

We run Royal Enfield tours of India throughout the year.

The motorcycles we use are the Royal Enfield Himalayan and the Bullet Trials Works Replica. We’ve just got a new fleet of Bullets for 2020’s Dirty Dozen ride, presented to us by Royal Enfield themselves. We also bought brand new kit especially for the bikes, including top quality bespoke leather luggage panniers. Read on to find out more about the motorcycles we use on our Royal Enfield tours of India.

The Royal Enfield Himalayan

It’s in the heart of adventure.

The mountain.

Piercing the flat line of the horizon like the heartbeat of a living landscape. It makes us cast our gaze up as we approach, daring you to climb the formidable trails that cross the rusted autumn landscape. Throttle on through the river and carry on up the valley, then the fun starts. Days like this can’t be replicated.

When the sun finally breaks through the clouds just as you come around the bend, lighting up the landscape now suddenly erupting in vibrant colour and detail. Smell the fresh autumn air, cold as it pierces your nostrils and shows your breath through the helmet.

Hear the distinct thump of the Enfield single cylinder as it pulls the bike up the steep trails, the clang of large rocks being repositioned by the reinforced sump guard. Splashing through rock pools? No problem. Steep hills? We’re up ‘em.

Out here, it’s good to have a motorcycle that’s Made for Mountains: The Royal Enfield Himalayan.

It’s purposeful, minimalistic, ultra reliable and great fun to ride. We’ve been using them since 2016 and have almost 50 in our fleet. During that time we’ve had no breakdowns at all. The handling is spot on and it really is the perfect Royal Enfield for a tour of India.


The Royal Enfield Bullet Trials Works Replica 500cc

Riders of the Dirty Dozen 2020 were treated to a VIP experience as we picked up our new fleet of Bullets.

We grabbed our rider gear and jumped in taxis to the local Royal Enfield showroom where our brand spanking new, ride ready, never been ridden before, 500cc Royal Enfield Bullet Trials Works Replica motorcycles were waiting for us. The showroom is normally closed on a Sunday, but they opened especially for us. The owners were there to present our Bullets on behalf of Royal Enfield. There were garlands, drumming, photographs and food & drink. Take a look at some pictures of the presentation below.

The Royal Enfield Bullet is legendary, a true icon of the motorcycling world. But let’s be honest, the original Bullet was never the most reliable, nor was it an easy motorcycle to ride. That’s changed now. There are many riders out there who still want to ride the Bullet and this is the perfect solution.



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