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Motorcyclists in the Himalayas
Motorbike tour in the Himalayas
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Motorcyclists in the Himalayas
Empty road through the Himalayas
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Motorcyclist in the Himalayas
Rocky road through the Himalayas
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Rocky terrain in the Himalayas
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Himalayas Roof of India 1
Himalayas Roof of India 2
Himalayas Roof of India 3
Himalayas Roof of India 4
Himalayas Roof of India 5
Himalayas Roof of India 6
Himalayas Roof of India 7
Himalayas Roof of India 8
Himalayas Roof of India 9
Himalayas Roof of India 10
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Roof of India - Logo


  • DATES: 13-27 June 2020
  • DISTANCE: 2100kms
  • MOTORCYCLE: Royal Enfield Himalayan (View Spec) or Royal Enfield Bullet Trials Works Replica 500 (View Spec) (choose when booking)
  • RIDING DAYS: 12 Days
  • DURATION: 14 Nights

  • RIDING CONDITIONS: 80% tarmac, 20% broken roads
  • CHALLENGE: 90%
  • PRICE: $4,980.00 USD
  • PILLION: $4,780.00 USD (Pillion on Royal Enfield Himalayan only)
  • DEPOSIT: $850.00 USD per person


  • Ride the one and only Cliffhanger

  • Traverse the world’s highest roads

  • Cross high altitude desert and forest trails

  • Stay overnight in traditional Kashmiri houseboats

  • Share the campfire with Tribal Nomads

  • Sleep by glacier fed rivers

  • Watch the sunrise over snow capped Himalayan peaks

All our Royal Enfield Himalayan’s now have a USB charging point, tank bag and soft panniers.

About: Roof of India

I’ve been riding in the Himalayas for many years and have ridden all the regular routes. They have become over crowded, commercialised and don’t feel like that much of a challenge any more. I’m sure that’s not what you’re looking for. This after all, for most people, is a once in a lifetime thing. It needs to be unique and exciting.

A new route was required, something that offered more. Here it is, our very own creation, The Roof Of India.

This is by far the most comprehensive and exciting motorcycle ride you can have in the Himalayas. Nothing else comes close.

It has absolutely everything.

We take a route that only recently opened after years of digging and hacking through the mountains.

Along the way we explore high altitude desert, forested trails, glacier gouged gorges, lunar like valleys and ascend mountain peaks and passes at over 5kms high. Where we stay, where we ride and what we see is utterly breathtaking.

Awesome, life changing, inspiring, scary, immense, humbling, mind blowing and challenging. These are just some of the words that have been used by riders who have ridden the Himalayas with us over the years.

Deep into the Kashmir Valley, we tackle the ominous ‘Cliffhanger’. These are rough mountain tracks hewn into the side of vertical cliffs. Maybe you’ve never thought of riding through a waterfall before, I hadn’t either. This could be one of the most daunting and memorable things you ever do in your life. It’s not a ride for the faint hearted. It will push you, your motorcycle, your riding skills and endurance to the limit. It’s worth it though as the rewards are huge. You’ll feel immense satisfaction as you bed down each night.

This is more than just a motorbike ride.

It’s two weeks of being around like minded people, laughing a lot, making new friends, forgetting about the rest of the world for a little while and taking each day as it comes. What are you waiting for?

I’ll be riding with you all the way.

Alex Pirie

Founder of Nomadic Knights

Included: Roof of India

What’s included?

We provide transport from a designated pick up point in Chandigarh for the journey up to our start point in Narkanda. We will also provide transport from Narkanda to Chandigarh when the trip ends. We provide team support and all medical, mechanical and logistical support throughout the tour. All arranged internal transport, hotel stay, breakfast,  evening meals and fuel for your motorcycle are included.

What’s not included?

Flights, travel insurance, visas, evening beers, alcohol and any transport arranged by yourself out with the arranged itinerary.

Itinerary: Roof of India

Day 01

Pick up from Hometel near Chandigarh airport and travel to Narkanda.

Day 02 : Narkanda – Narkanda [80kms]

After a fantastic breakfast and morning briefing regarding riding in India we will introduce you to your motorcycle that will be yours for the duration of the tour. Treat her gently as she will be looking after you for the next couple of weeks. Today’s ride will be a short warm up on forest tarmac roads, allowing you a fairly relaxing time to get to know your Royal Enfield Himalayan a bit better.

Day 03 : Narkanda – Tatapani [90kms]

Okay, we are almost ready. The truck will be loaded with all we need, spare parts, extra fuel, and all our luggage. Everyone will be good to go as we set off into the mountain wilderness heading for Tatapani. All the motorcycles are fitted with soft panniers, magnetic tank bags and USB chargers for charging GoPros, mobile phones and cameras etc. The panniers & tank bags are NOT waterproof so make sure you bring proper waterproof bags for your valuables and documents. Please don’t bring plastic bags as they really are no good to you if we get rain and they are harmful to the pristine and delicate environment of the Himalayas.

Day 04 : Tatapani – Manali [230kms]

The ride out of Tatapani is quite fascinating as we head along alpine forest tarmac roads cut straight out of the mountain. Some of today’s roads start off quite narrow so remember to use that all important horn on blind bends and when riding through villages. We eventually drop down to the River Beas and ride on long sweeping blacktop all the way to Manali.

Day 05 : Manali – Keylong [125kms]

We set off for a beautiful ride up into the snow capped mountains that tower over the Kullu Valley. We are headed for the Rothang Pass which translated literally means “BED OF CORPSES”. The road conditions will be dependent on the recent weather and we will have no way of knowing what the road conditions will be. Looking out for landslides and water crossings will be the order of the day.

Day 06 : Keylong – Ishtyari. [160kms]

This where it all gets very interesting. For the next three days we will be riding for the very first time on a remote route alongside the Chenab river, that to my knowledge, no other motorcycle adventure company has tackled. Our support trucks will run ahead with tents, cooks, helpers, food, generator, drinking water and firewood as our only stopping point will be at our self made tented camp high up in the mountains. Prepare yourself for a proper adventure experience. Don’t expect hot showers as a cold refreshing bucket of water and your tent may be your only luxury. Remember to bring some warm clothes and your sleeping bag.

Day 07 : Ishtyari – Daksum [210kms]

This fascinating ride is across one of the loneliest roads in the country. Riding this route in the summer as we do, it is difficult to imagine that the area is completely isolated by over 4 metres of snow during the six winter months. Animals such as yak, ibex, brown bears and snow leopards roam across this wild land.

Day 08 : Sinthan – Srinagar [100kms]

This is our last day of remote riding for now as we hit the bustling city of Srinagar. We will arrive early afternoon and can enjoy a hot shower, a cool beer, fabulous food and a soft bed. The accommodation is spectacular as we are staying in luxury houseboats on Dal Lake. The Kashmiri people are renowned for their friendliness and warm hospitality. Tonight is no exception.

Day 09 : Srinagar – Kargil [205kms]

After a perfect day we are back on the motorcycles as we ascend the long and twisty mountain roads towards Sonmarg and up and over the stunningly spectacular Zoji La (pass) at over 3,500 metres. We ride alongside the River Indus for long periods whilst hoping that the weather and road conditions are on our side. Have your documents at hand for the numerous Indian Army check posts.

Day 10 : Kargil – Leh [210kms]

The riding conditions today are possible the best anywhere in India due to the fact that the roads are maintained by the India Army. It’s near perfect winding tarmac twistys for long periods. The Royal Enfield Himalayan really is a well handling motorcycle and today you can settle into a nice relaxing riding groove.

Day 11 : Rest Day in Leh

The ancient city of Leh has everything you need. Massage, cafes , haircutting, sight-seeing, internet cafes, ATM’s and market areas for those take home presents. Get yourself down to one of the local barber shops and try the wet shave with an open cut throat razor, sorry men only.

Day 12 : Leh – Sarchu [260kms]

The start is a beautiful early morning ride out of Leh on winding tarmac roads. We cross over the border from Jammu and Kashmir back into Himachal Pradesh whilst traversing the second and third highest motorable roads anywhere in the world at well over 5,000 metres. We will get round the bonfire tonight as we watch the sun go down and the moon come up. A few drinks, maybe a song or two!!! Make sure you have your sleeping bags at the ready as it can get a bit chilly.

Day 13 : Sarchu – Manali [215kms]

Today we cross the notorious Rohtang Pass again. This is the day you have to look forward to. You’ve now been there, you’ve seen it, you’ve beaten it. If there are 10 things you should ever do in your lifetime, this is it. It’s possible to stop at the top where you can meet a few other bikers doing the same as us and they will also be laughing and shaking their heads. We do it because we love it, why else ?

Day 14 : Manali – Narkanda [210kms] FINISH.

It’s an early start on our last day of riding as we head back to Narkanda over the stunning high forest Jalori Pass where we will stop for lunch at the top. We are in apple growing country today. You will have the most surreal experience as we ride through a 3km long mountain tunnel that goes uphill, downhill and around corners. It makes you feel alive, and quite a bit scared also, I am told. We have mixed riding conditions today from wide flowing mountain highways to tree covered forest trails. Tonight we will have a bit of a celebration party where I am sure we will drink a few beers, share all our amazing experiences, funny moments and laugh into the wee small hours.

Day 15 : Depart.

After a delicious and relaxing breakfast we will board our vehicles and head to Chandigarh airport where you can connect with your flights.

Information Pack: Roof of India

Download the Information Pack here.

This Information Pack includes everything you need to know about this Adventure, including Insurance Details & Emergency Contacts, Your Health, Kit List, Driving/Riding Conditions, Questions and Answers and Visa Application.


How to get here: Roof of India





You need to fly in and out of Chandigarh International Airport (also known as Shaheed Bhagat Singh International Airport), India.

You can arrive on the start day of the tour which is the 13/06/2020 however sometimes it’s a good idea to arrive the day before, stay in a hotel overnight and get picked up from our pre-arranged pick up point the next day, the choice is yours.

The pick- up point will be at the following hotel on the 13/06/2020: Hometel Chandigarh, Plot No. 147-148, Industrial Area Phase 1, Chandigarh. 160002. Tel: 0091 1724 299999. There is a nice reception area where you can sit and have a cool drink or get some food.

Once you land you can get a taxi from outside the airport to the Hometel quite easily as it is only around 10kms from the airport. This distance may vary depending on the route the driver has to take due to traffic conditions. Ask for the price first. The pick-up time from Hometel Chandigarh is 17.00hrs (Indian Time) or earlier if everyone has arrived.

There will be a member of the Nomadic Knights team to meet you at the hotel and they will have transport available. The distance is around 170kms and the journey will take around five to six hours depending on traffic as you ascend the beautiful foothills of the Himalayas. It’s likely that you will stop on the way for Chai (Indian Sweet Tea) and a snack. If you wish to make your own way to our base in Narkanda you can. A taxi from Chandigarh to Narkanda usually costs around 5,000inr ($75.00 USD). As always, ask for the price first.

The address of our base is, Thethys Ski Resort, Nagrot Village, Narkanda, Himachal Pradesh, India. 171213 Tel: 0091 1782 242641 If there are any problems you can call the hotel and call/text Alex on his mobile: 0091 9623 048879 or 0091 9561 812011, try both.

We end the ride in Narkanda on the 26/06/2020 and leave the next day for the airport on the 27/06/2020.

We will have transport available from the hotel in Narkanda leaving at 06.00hrs or earlier if required on the 27/06/2020 to take you back to Chandigarh Airport. The journey will take around five to six hours. If you do not wish to be dropped at Chandigarh airport please make your own arrangements with the driver at your own cost.

It’s likely that your outbound flight will be via Delhi. Please make sure that you have checked in at least two hours prior to your flights, inward and outbound.

For your flight arrangements you can try or

These are India based websites and they offer very competitive prices.

Have a great journey to India and prepare yourself for the ride of a lifetime.

See you soon.

Alex Pirie.

Founder and owner of Nomadic Knights.


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