India’s lost world… This is not an adventure for the faint hearted. It is extremely demanding but at the same time rewarding. I have found that the harder the trip the more memorable it is. Fourteen days, 2000kms of some of the most unforgiving roads, beautiful scenery, friendly people of The Seven States of North East India. You want something different?… Go on sign up for this mind blowing adventure.

Dave Currie.

Don’t just think about it, do it. What a fantastic trip.

Vicky Romankiw


Having just completed the India’s Lost World recce trip with Alex and his team, I have to say what a fantastic adventure it was. Traveling from one state into another and seeing how thing’s change from the local people, the scenery and the food was a great experience. They say that travel broaden’s the mind, this trip will blow your mind.

Scott Niven


Travel to a new country, on a different motorcycle and meet new friends (and soon to become lifelong friends), challenge your ability in so many ways, go outside your comfort zone, experience a new culture and viewpoint on life and learn more about yourself. We’ve all heard these claims before but a trip to the Himalayas really does all of these at the same time. I travelled there in 2010 and I will remember it for the rest of my life. Despite riding motorcycles for over 25 years, nothing prepares you for the onslaught to your senses while driving in the Himalayas. Alex was our leader on this trip and added to the experience with his obvious love and passion for India and extensive local knowledge. Looking after such a diverse group through tough terrain is no easy task but he did it every time. It’s a no brainer… just do it!

Michael Phillips


I have to say that the trip I did with you lads last year in North India was absolutely amazing, most of which I have to say was down to you. You’re definitely up for the crack and you know your way around the Himalayas. Any problems we had you were there to sort them out. I will be booking another trip with you this year.

Ray Cruttenden

Here it is: Wow guys, if you ever have thought about travelling to India, and want to see the real india in all its glory completely off the tourist track, this is the trip, it is awesome, me and Kate did this one last year! Best holiday ever! And, you drive your own Ambassador and get to know the locals yourself! If you want a very special, once in a lifetime trip, educational, where all your senses go wild! This is the trip!

Neil Cooper


My first motorcycle trip with Alex and what a trip it was! On a 14 day tour of Rajasthan on Royal Enfield 500cc Bullets we experienced rural and urban India in a way that just would not be possible any other way. The colours, smells and sights as we made our way through Rajasthan will remain with me for ever more. We witnessed the basic way of life in the remote villages to the absolute chaos of the cities, creating immense local interest whenever we stopped highlighting what different worlds we come from. A life changing experience.

Mark Tucker

I still struggle to describe the trip to those who ask me about it and am reminded of the wisdom of Wally Herbert (the first man to cross the Arctic Ocean) who once said: “Those who need to ask will never understand the answer, while others who feel the answer will never need to ask.” Although to those who do ask me about it, I suspect my smile says it all.

Sarah Tresman


Alex was a knowledgeable team leader and a genuine fun guy to experience the Himalayas with. He showed a group of people an incredible time and it would be a pleasure to go on a trip with them again. I highly recommend Alex to anyone looking for an amazing motorcycle adventure. It was one of the best experiences of my life.

Michael Trump

I travelled through the Himalayas with Alex on a Royal Enfield 500cc Bullet. I took thousands of photographs but none could really capture the impact it had on me. The sights I saw, the people I met, the lasting friendships I made and the experiences I had will stay with me forever. I was free to enjoy my adventure because the organisation and execution was faultless. Thanks guys.

Steve King


Who would have possibly thought it, the humble Enfield flying amongst the clouds, diving into rivers and crashing over and through the rock strewn terrain and not only surviving but thriving. This little defiant motorcycle has made me think of all the similarities that it has with this part of the world. The people live a simple, uncomplicated life often battling with the elements and harsh landscape that they find themselves tied to, yet provide the stranger with a warmth of spirit along with a beautiful smile that we seldom see or have the opportunity to embrace. The almost barren, unforgiving landscape of the Himalayas holds you, mesmerises you, and terrifies you only to lead you around the corner and take your breath away. So long live the Enfield, humble, defiant King of the road.

Neil Paterson

An adventure that should be undertaken by any motorcyclist with a taste for the unexpected and the awesome power of mother nature. A fantastic adventure with a very organised Team – well done guys and thanks for one of my best rides ever.

Chris Fox


This adventure has exceeded my wildest dreams; kicking my Royal Enfield into life, I contemplate what has just passed. Weaving like a thread through the Himalayas, I have been gifted to briefly meet truly amazing people who live their lives so differently to our own, content with so little. It is an experience that will live with me forever

Treve Wearne

Thank you to everyone who came together from four different continents (UK/Europe, Africa, India/Asia, and Australia) who made the adventure what it was. I will thrive off the experiences for the rest of my life.

Jonathan Benson


It was a challenging but hugely rewarding trip. The memories of the trusty old motorcycle, the fantastic people I was riding alongside, the breathtaking scenery and of rounding a blind bend on a mountain pass and coming face to face with sleeping cow will stay with me for a long time and inspire many more adventures!

Leigh Brookes

This ‘holiday’ was an incredible journey. The scenery was stunning, the riding always challenging, and the people brilliant. It is not an overstatement to say that everyday was an adventure and I made some great friends along the way.

Adam Buckmaster


This is not just about riding an Enfield Bullet motorbike through the Himalayas, although that’s an adventure in itself; it’s much more than that. This adventure is something you have to experience yourself to understand – ask anyone who’s been. You meet new people, see how they work and live and make lots of new best friends. You ride roads, go places, do things and see sights that others only dream of. You start an adventure and end up completely changing your life. Riding in the Himalayas once is just not enough, your brain just cannot absorb everything you do, see and experience on just one trip, it’s overwhelming, its life changing, and it’s absolutely fantastic – do it – now!

Bob Jeffries


Up here in the mountains you feel totally free, your mind needs to concentrate so much on staying alive, that it makes you feel alive, a vivid and life enhancing experience without a doubt. It was tough, it was magical, it was a real adventure. I salute you, my fellow adventurers, the times we shared can never to be taken away or forgotten.

Iain Crockart

I’ve been at the birth of my children, swam with a pod of wild dolphins in the Atlantic, and skied on days God would have made for himself to enjoy; but along with those best days of my life, now belong those spent traversing the Himalayas. We were blessed with a group of people that after 2 weeks felt more like family than friends, good weather that allowed us to enjoy the journey and the landscape, and the certain knowledge that life didn’t get any better than this. I used hyperbole like awesome and unbelievable continually on the journey but since I got back I’ve dropped those from every day speech, it would seem like being unfaithful to use them elsewhere to the Himalayas.

Norman Scobie


I feel privileged to have visited a magical place and to have shared experiences with such a great bunch of people. It wasn’t just the country, the things we did and the places we saw that made it for me, but it was all the guys and gals that took part that made it really special. Thank you to everyone. I have so many good memories of the journey and a few that will remain very strong: The first of many Kingfisher beers at the hotel in Leh. The first proper local meal in the German Bakery in Leh with Treve, by candlelight (a necessity rather than choice I hasten to add as there was a power cut!). The comfort of a bed after the long, long day to Tso Moriri even if it was outside. The sheer joy and exhilaration of riding flat out with Dave along the rocky valley floor before climbing up and over into the Spitti Valley. Deep fried Mo-Mo’s! The relief that Norman didn’t snore (too much!) The whiskey fest at the campsite in Nako – and I normally hate the stuff! Beating Jon at pool in Shimla (it had nothing to do with the money!) The onion bhajis on arrival at Sam’s place in Narkanda when cold wet and very tired (although I wont rush to eat them with tomato sauce any time soon). There are so many others.

Andy Wellesley


It needed a bit of time to go by for me to absorb the significance of the adventure in the sky. At the time of the trip we were a group of likeminded individuals doing what we love the most and enjoying the challenges every day presented. At times it was not easy thumping along on our faithful Enfields over mountain passes that may have challenged some more contemporary purpose designed motorcycles. But if it was easy it would not have had the same meaning it has now in the afterglow of the trip. We travelled through some of the most dramatic and beautiful scenery I have ever seen. Almost every moment had a mountain, river, valley or some other natural phenomenon that simply took ones breath away. A number of weeks after the ride I look back on the adventure and think how fortunate I have been to have experienced the beauty of the Himalaya and the companionship of a group of great bikers. The entire experience in a word – awesome! Would I do it again – you bet!

Michael Milich


I’ve done many adventure rides, on many continents, both solo and guided, but the Indian Himalaya’s are unique! The altitude, vastness, exhilarating FUN roads and tracks, military fuel tankers equivalent to The Ice Road Truckers, fabulously fickle weather and road conditions all contribute to the uniqueness. Then there are the wonderful local people with characteristic fine spirit and hospitality. Particularly the kids, the future… look in their sparkling eyes. Not to forget the iconic 50-years old design ‘Bullet’ the perfect eccentric tool for this adventure experience. So much FUN to coax and chug up to 18,340ft, then chug a little more briskly down again. Oh, and the odd bulldozer landslide sections and water splashes. My ‘Bullet’ loved it, and no scars. The support team of guides, medics, mechanics, trucks and local ‘Fixer’ are all commended for their personal enthusiasm, experience and capabilities.

Maurice Summerson


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All the best, Alex.



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