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I’ve been a motorcyclist as long as I can remember, since I was 8 years old actually. My father taught me to ride as he had ridden AJS and Matchless motorcycles in India. This was during his time in the army way back in the 1940’s.

I suppose you’ll have already guessed where this story is going.

My early days were spent on a rather second hand 50cc Honda Step Thru. Whenever he would disappear for a little while, out it would come and off I would go. For me, a council housing estate in the late 1970’s in Scotland was an exciting place to ride. There were so many times I got caught. He would take it from me and lock it up. ‘You’ll thank me in the long run’ he would always say, not a chance I thought.

I loved the feeling of freedom and the way that riding a motorcycle took me away from everything else. I really got in the zone and forgot about the rest of the world for some time. That’s something that I’m sure we all share as motorcyclists.

From then on, I was totally hooked and from the early days of motocross, road bikes, racing, modifying and all else bike related, that feeling stuck with me. I did what every avid biker always does, I had a collection in the garage. Ducati & Suzuki superbikes, KTM motocross & enduro and just to top it all off, a Honda Pan European. Just for the nice easy relaxing days. The truth is though, it wasn’t enough. I was still looking for more. Something to properly challenge and give me that feeling of ‘forgetting about the rest of the world for some time’.

I picked up Motorcycle News one day in 2005 and saw it advertised. A ride across South India on a 350cc Royal Enfield, that’s for me I thought. I called the number, spoke to the organiser, paid the money and I was in. I loved it and booked to do it again in 2007. It was one of the best things I had ever done in my life. It changed everything.

The result of that?

I moved out to India in 2010 and set up Nomadic Knights soon after. I met my Indian wife to be in 2011 and we got married in 2012.

The rest is history.

I’ll fill in the blank bits when we meet!


Alex Pirie
Founder of Nomadic Knights


Nomadic Knights operate as a functioning business with full time employees. I originate from the UK and have a good understanding of what you expect. This is very important when westerners travel to places like India, Nepal, Tibet and China. I know what you are used to and can offer the best advice.

There are many good adventure travel companies and you have a great choice but not all are the same. For most people, this is a once in a lifetime experience and it has to be right. You need to be with skilled people that are able to understand and look after you.

We’ve invested heavily and continue to do so in our motorcycle fleet. We replace them every 2 years and you won’t find any of our bikes with bald tyres, bashed fuel tanks, lights & horns not working and in a general rough condition. I hear it from so many people when they’re given a rented motorcycle that’s been thrashed by someone else and is poorly maintained and falling to pieces.

Riding a motorcycle in bad condition will ruin your experience. Not to mention just how dangerous it can be. We don’t repair punctured inner tubes, we fit new ones. Your horn’s not working very well, chuck it. All our motorcycles are fully serviced from top to bottom before you ride them. If you need something adjusted to suit, no problem. We fit luggage racks, soft panniers, tank bags, USB chargers, hand guards etc. They’re ready to ride.

I’ll share something with you. I’m a mechanic to trade so nothing gets past me. Our mechanics are available 24/7. I make sure that you get what’s promised.

Many companies act as agents, contractors or even middlemen. We’re none of those.

You’ll find many of them aren’t even located in this part of the world. We are.

We’re an independent Tour Operator and we own all our own motorcycles. We don’t use any agents, either for incoming customer or hotel bookings. We do everything inhouse and are 100% involved in all aspects of the trip. The Nomadic Knights team have intimate knowledge of these countries and cultures. This includes an extensive network of contacts and long established trust and relationships across all our supply network.

You may already know this as it’s me that you are going to have all your correspondence with, start to finish. I answer every email and lead the ride from the front, sun, rain or snow. I’ll be here to meet you when you arrive, ride every kilometre and see you off at the end.

At the last count, I’ve ridden over 250,000kms, completed over 100 rides and have taken around 2,000 people.

I’m sure we’re doing something right.


Because you never know what’s around the next corner, you’ll need to be prepared for anything on this motorcycle tour in India – that’s just how it is here. But there’s one thing you can be sure of: we’ve been around long enough to keep you as safe as possible and you’ll have a whole heap of fun along the way!

Our dedicated support team are high-spirited and experienced, and have stuck together through sun and snow, sweat and tears, grease and grime.

We’ll take care of the itinerary and you’ll travel from place to place on pre-determined routes with maps, medics and mechanics… leaving you to savour your inner journey.

Hit the road with the Nomadic Knights.


Nomadic Knights supports Adventure Ashram, an independent charity founded by adventurers for adventurers. They support projects which improve health and education throughout India. We’d love it if you decided to raise sponsorship directly on their behalf as part of the preparation for your adventure. Click here for more information, pledge forms and fundraising ideas.