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The adventure of a lifetime demands a special motorcycle. We work with the iconic British brand, Royal Enfield, but our standards don’t stop there. We replace our fleet every 2 years, and each motorcycle is fully serviced before every ride.

I’m a mechanic by trade, so nothing gets past me.

That means you won’t find any of our bikes with bald tyres, bad brakes or bashed fuel tanks. Safety is our first concern. We don’t repair inner tubes, we fit new ones. If your horn’s not starting to fail, we’ll replace it.

We don’t compromise safety.

I hear so many stories… people whose trip has been ruined by a motorcycle that’s been thrashed, mistreated and just handed on. Riding a motorcycle like that will ruin your experience – not to mention how dangerous it can be.

Customising Your Motorcycle

We fit luggage racks, soft panniers, tank bags, USB chargers, hand guards and so on as standard. The motorcycles are ready to ride, but our mechanics are on hand 24/7 if you need something adjusted to suit. It’s no problem.

It’s not unusual for riders to fall in love with their motorcycles on our adventures. After all, it’s a bond built over thousands of kilometres. Because of this, we now offer a genuinely unique service – the chance for you to bring your motorcycle home. See our Make It Yours page for details.

Royal Enfield Bullet Trials Works Replica 500

The Royal Enfield Bullet is a true icon of the motorcycling world, but it was never the most reliable machine. Nor was it easy to ride.

That’s all changed now.

The new Bullet is a revelation – inspired by Johnny Brittain’s championship-winning Bullet from 1948. It’s got all the bits, raised handlebars, sumpguard, headlight grill, handlebar brace pad, engine guards and heavily blocked tyres. It’s got plenty of power, and it stops without drama.

It’s so good that we have bought a new fleet and you can ride one from 2020 onwards on our Royal Enfield tours in India. If you’re coming with a friend, you can even switch between the Bullet and the Himalayan if you fancy trying both.


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Royal Enfield Himalayan

We’ve been using The Himalayan since 2016. It’s Royal Enfield’s first new model for over 60 years – an ‘all-rounder’ built on an entirely new platform.

In terms of styling, it’s purposeful, minimalistic, ultra-reliable and great fun to ride. We have almost 50 in our fleet. During that time we’ve had no breakdowns what so ever. The handling is spot on, and it really is the perfect motorcycle if you are looking to ride a Royal Enfield tour of India. Everyone that has ridden one has thoroughly enjoyed the experience.

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So you’re considering taking on a real adventure? I remember the feeling. In 2006, I was sat right where you are now… wondering if it was for me.

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All the best, Alex.

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