4 March, 2020

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Indian man seen on motorcycle adventure
Alex Pirie with Indian children on motorcycle adventure

Nomadic Knights are excited to share some stories with you from ‘Adventurer’s Tales’, a book that was put together to celebrate over 10 years of our charity partner, Adventure Ashram.

Adventure Ashram is a charity founded and supported by adventurers, and their mission is to offer help and protection to the poorest people that live on or around the routes that our adventures travel through. They are currently working on several different healthcare and education projects in India, including accessible healthcare for women & children in Palani Hills, Tamil Nadu, and educating tribal children from Mudumalai Tiger Reserve.

In ‘Adventurer’s Tales’, adventurers share stories about their experience with Adventure Ashram and Nomadic Knights, and about the impact that our adventures can have. The first of these tales is by Steve Durban:


“I did the inaugural Karma Enduro back in October 2008. It was my first time of doing anything like this, but together myself and George got on with the task of fundraising and really got hooked up with what we were about to set out on.

The whole experience was life changing in so many ways, the people we met, from all walks of life, the places we saw and the experience of driving in such a beautiful country, filled with beautiful people. I had always had a passion for adventure, and still do, even though I haven’t been back since, I do consider my experiences during the time I spent there were very memorable and times I’ll never forget.

Doing something like Karma is a real life experience, not just for you, but your fellow travellers and the peoples lives you change with the funds raised, and with Karma, we saw real changes that were planned, not just hype. I’m still looking for an event that will attract me again like Karma did, and whilst I’m 10 years older now, I would like to do it all again. I say to people I speak to about it, that I’ll go and do it again at the drop of a hat, and I would.”

Steve Durban


“The funds you raise while adventuring change people’s lives.”

Nomadic Knights supports Adventure Ashram by fundraising for some of their projects in India. For example, through our Dirty Dozen ride earlier this year, we raised £20,000 for the Odanadi Boys Workshop in Mysore. These vital funds will provide training and tools for 150 young people to become the mechanics of tomorrow, changing the lives of these boys and their families.

If you are planning an adventure with Nomadic Knights, please consider raising funds for one of our projects and help to make a difference to the people and places you explore. Anyone planning an adventure can choose to support Adventure Ashram.

Visit to find out more.

Adventurer's Tales by Adventure Ashram

A compilation of recollections in celebration of 10 years of Adventure Ashram, ‘Adventurer’s Tales’ is a true celebration of a decade of purposeful adventure by our charity partner Adventure Ashram, a small but mighty charity.

Complete with some great adventure tips, it not only provides handy pointers for when out ‘on the road’, but also some thought-provoking insights into the heart and spirit of adventure. Written with humour, passion and integrity, this wonderful book is a fine tribute to 10 years of Adventure Ashram.

Click here to buy a copy. There are only a few left…



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