19 November, 2019

person riding on motorcycle tour west bengal
canoe of motorcycles for motorbike trip in north east india
people riding on motorbike tour of north east india

I was just thinking about where I was, who I was with and what we were doing just one week ago.

We had just finished our Hinterland Recce ride and were departing Kolkata in West Bengal as cyclone Bulbul was approaching.

While everyone was leaving, it got me thinking again about where we had been just 24 hours before. We were in the delta of the River Ganges, the Sundarbans to be exact. There’s plenty of wildlife there: tigers, sharks, huge crocodiles, many snakes and spiders I’ve never seen or heard of before.

I had always imagined riding in the Sundarbans although I was told it couldn’t be done. I hear that a lot when planning new rides. Mostly from keyboard warriors that have never taken any risks and know nothing about India. They probably haven’t left the house in days and are experts on everything. Sounds familiar eh? What would they know about loading 20 motorcycles on and off what in essence are large canoes?

We rode in 3 states, West Bengal, Jharkhand and Orissa, also known as Odisha.

We had the privilege of staying with the erstwhile royal family of Orissa while on our travels and shared one or two (a lot more than that) bottles of single malt along the way. We also stayed in tents, basic brick & bamboo huts and a beautiful resort on the shores of Chilika Lake. We rode, talked and laughed way more than I have the space on this post to mention. My thoughts are that it was brilliant. Truly amazing. None of this happens without you all, the riders and the team.

It’s not until you go home and reflect on what you’ve just done that it hits you… Wow!

A huge thanks to everyone.

Alex Pirie

Founder of Nomadic Knights

Hinterland the Recce 2019… beautifully documented by Iain Crockart.

Have a look through the gallery of Hinterland the Recce 2019. If you were on the ride, have a cracking reminder of our adventure, if you weren’t… see what you missed. But be rest assured… all our adventures are this good!



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