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  • DATES: 18 Jan – 01 Feb 2020
  • DISTANCE: 2100kms
  • MOTORCYCLE: Royal Enfield Bullet: 500cc Trials Works Replica (View Spec)
  • DURATION: 14 Nights
  • CHALLENGE: 70%
  • PRICE: $4,980.00 USD
  • PILLION: $4,780.00 USD

  • RIDING CONDITIONS: 100% tarmac
  • DEPOSIT: $850.00 USD per person


  • Ride the coolest motorcycles in India

  • Swim in the Arabian Sea

  • Tour the royal city of Mysore

  • Try a legendary tuk-tuk ride

  • See wild elephants in their natural habitat

  • Spend the night in a wildlife reserve

About: The Dirty Dozen

This is a very special and unique motorcycle adventure through South India. You will become an immediate member of the Dirty Dozen and will be riding a brand spanking new Royal Enfield Bullet: 500cc Trials Works Replica. These are being presented to us in person by Royal Enfield themselves. We start and finish in the former Portuguese colony of Goa. It’s paradise on earth with its seemingly never-ending golden beaches, magnificent cuisine and coastal roads winding through ancient teak forests. We’ll also take in the vast neighbouring state of Karnataka with its colourful temples, tiger inhabited jungles, stunning coffee estates, mist covered hill stations and opulent palaces.

As the name suggests, the tour is limited to 12 motorcycles only.

As well as having an epic adventure with friends old and new we also have a fund-raising objective. The Dirty Dozen are raising vital funds for Adventure Ashram and the new Odanadi Boys Workshop in Mysore.

Become one of the Dirty Dozen and accept this mission.

During the ride we will be visiting the project to see exactly how the monies raised will be spent.

Fundraising Target

We need each rider or pillion to donate £1000.00 towards the group target of £20,000.00  – the additional £8,000.00 will be raised through group focused and individual fund raising initiatives. All donations will be made directly to Adventure Ashram via a Dirty Dozen group fundraising page.



The funds raised by the Dirty Dozen will provide training and tools for 150 young people at the Odanadi Boys Workshop to become the mechanics of tomorrow. Each year, 30 boys will attend the workshop. Our funds will have an impact for 5 years and will change the lives of 150 boys and their families.

Included: The Dirty Dozen

What’s included?

Your brand spanking new 500cc Royal Enfield Bullet Trials Works Replica motorcycle, team support and all medical, mechanical and logistics support throughout the ride. All arranged internal transport, hotel stay, breakfast and evening meals are included.

What’s not included?

Flights, visa, evening beers or drinks, fuel for your motorcycle and any transport arranged by yourself out with the proposed itinerary.

Itinerary: The Dirty Dozen

Day 1. Sat.

Arrive at Baywatch Resort in Colva Beach, South Goa and chill by the pool if you have time. Your room will be ready and mention that you are part of the Nomadic Knights motorcycle tour group. You may even want to go for a sunset swim in the Arabian Sea as you’re right next to it. We’ll all get together this evening for delicious Indian buffet dinner, a few drinks and a chat.

Day 2. Sun. Warm up ride. 50kms

Today’s warm up ride will be different from any other. This one’s very special as we’re being treated to a VIP experience. We’ll grab our rider gear and jump a minibus to the local Royal Enfield showroom where our brand spanking new, ride ready, never been ridden before, 500cc Royal Enfield Bullet Trials Works Replica motorcycles will be waiting for us. The showroom is normally closed on a Sunday however they are opening up especially for us. The owners will also be there to present our Bullets on behalf of Royal Enfield. They’re also joining us as we head out on our warm-up ride around South Goa.

Day 3. Mon. Colva Beach – Palolem Beach. 180kms

Today is day three of your actual riding adventure and you can expect a relatively easy day of around 180kms. Be on your guard though as this is the first time that you will be riding for the entire day. The route is beautiful as you leave the stunning beaches of Goa behind and climb into the cool Western Ghats mountain range. Watch out for snakes! You have a good chance of spotting Cobras as we ride through the rice growing areas.

Day 4. Tue. Palolem Beach – Murudeshwar. 260kms

This morning will see an early start which demands more concentration and commitment. You will experience wonderful morning light and have villagers wave and smile at you all day long. This makes the challenge seem all the easier. We cross into the state of Karnataka and heading south for the first part of the day with the sea on our right side for a couple of hours. You get such an amazing ‘riders high’ doing this early morning. Murudeshwar is home to the second tallest statue of Lord Shiva (123ft) in the world. Standing next to it is the 20-storied (237.5ft) Raja Gopura Temple, one of the tallest in the world. A local doctor, entrepreneur, philanthropist, educationist and billionaire called RN Shetty built these structures in order to give something back to the community that helped create his wealth. The shimmering Arabian Sea is on three sides and the magnificent Western Ghats impose their presence on this coastal town.

Day 5. Wed. Murudeshwar – Kalasa. 250kms

Today is an unbelievable ride deeper into India’s rural heart. It’s one of my favourite days and the team love it also. The time spent riding will now start to take its toll and hydration is very important as are slightly earlier alcohol-free nights. The scenery is stunning and sees us visiting the 16th century Nagara Fort before heading to the staggering location of Kalasa. The heavenly riding leads us to a Jungle retreat high up in the mountain forests near the border of Kudremukh National Park. On previous visits, some of the team have actually chosen to sleep under the stars, it’s amazing. Keep your ears open for leopards and elephants in the resort especially when going to the toilet at night.

Day 6. Thu. Kalasa – Madikeri. 210kms

Another full-on day sees us head further south into and through the teak wood forests of Coorg, also known as ‘The Scotland of India’. It’s hard to describe how beautiful Coorg actually is. It’s a land of natural beauty populated with spice plantations, coffee estates, imposing waterfalls, sprawling green landscapes and mist shrouded mountains. It’s home to elephant, tiger, leopard, crocodile, wild dog and sloth bear just to name a few. It’s a protected area that’s remained the same for centuries and mass building projects and construction is banned. You’ll love this place.

Day 7. Fri. Madikeri – Mysore. 150kms

The diverse nature of India is highlighted today. We visit the stunning Buddhist Temple at the Tibetan refugee town of Bylakuppe. We then ride through remote rural villages, across vast swathes of arable farmland and towards the end of our day, into the regal city of Mysore. It’s a wonderous place where the British had once had one of their many seats of government during the days of the Raj. The city is famous for its Sandalwood carvings, silk and incense production and is the home of Ashtanga Yoga. It’s a safe, friendly and hectic city.

Day 8. Sat. Rest day in Mysore

We’ll be visiting the Odanadi Boys Workshop to see how the funds raised will be used. They will provide training and tools for 150 young people to become the mechanics of tomorrow. Each year, 30 boys will attend the workshop. Our funds will have an impact for 5 years and will change the lives of 150 boys and their families. This is a very worthwhile project that has touched the hearts of many riders over the years.

Day 9. Sun. Mysore – Masinagudi. 105kms

You can relax a bit today as it’s a short distance. It’s easier roads as we ride through the tiger reserves of Bandipur and Mudumallai to arrive at the wildlife sanctuary of Masinagudi by early afternoon. We cross from the state of Karnataka into Tamil Nadu. The whole area is simply stunning and full of wildlife. Even if you are the most well-seasoned traveler, this place will make a huge impact on you. We have time to enjoy a relaxing swim in the pool, share a few drinks and then head out for an evening Tiger Safari. Fingers crossed that we spot one, they’re all around.

Day 10. Mon. Masinagudi – Madikeri. 210kms

We ride in three states today, starting off in Tamil Nadu, cross to Karnataka, we drop into Kerala and then back into Karnataka. We really do have a mix of everything today from teak and evergreen forest, dense jungle and beautifully manicured tea estates. To most of us, tea is synonymous with India and many, if not most, believe that tea is native to India, it isn’t. Together with the railways and the mind – boggling bureaucracy, it was introduced here by the British. We’ll encounter busy, hot and dusty towns, remote villages and the occasional cow sleeping on the road. This is commonplace here in India as the cow is sacred to the Hindu religion and gets to roam freely as it sees fit. The roads today will be intense at times, especially in Kerala. This narrow strip of a state has a population of around 40 million people and covers an area of approximately 39,000 square kilometres. At times you’ll think that they’ve all come out for a drive today, just for you.

Day 11. Tue. Madikeri – Mangalore. 150kms

You have a superb day’s riding ahead of you. You will be travelling through a stunning area known as the Kodagu Plateau. This is one of India’s most beautiful regions and the rugged mountain terrain is home to numerous coffee, areca nut, rubber and cardamom plantations and rice paddies. We will be stopping along the way for a coffee or six! The Kodava people, although only one sixth of the population in the area own most of the plantations. They have a very distinct appearance, language and customs and are thought to have migrated to South India from Kurdistan, Kashmir and Rajasthan. We’ll arrive early afternoon to enjoy an ice chilled beer and a dip in the pool.

Day 12. Wed. Mangalore – Shimoga. 300kms

Today’s ride is long, hot, sweaty and completely mind-blowing but it’s so worth it. After leaving Mangalore early morning, we climb back into the Ghats and will be riding through tribal areas and nature reserves. We will be in the Kudremukha mountain range and Bhadra Wildlife Sanctuary. A wide range of fauna is found here and wildlife within in the park includes Gaur (Indian Bison), Tiger, Leopard, Sambar, Chital and Wild Boar. Monkeys, yes monkeys. They are very curious and will come over to you when we stop. They look friendly but beware, however cute they look, they’re wild animals. There are some testing roads as we ride through the Chikmagalur region and the route runs close to two of the highest peaks in the Western Ghats, Mullayangiri and Kudremukh at 1,918 and 1,892 metres respectively. Tonight’s destination, Shimoga, stands on the banks of the Tunga River. This is a town hardly ever visited by travellers. It’s also known as the rice bowl of India and the forests and farms around the city produce vast yields of sandalwood, teak, rosewood, mangos, coffee and sugar cane. If you can find the time, get out into town and experience a real Indian city where the locals are relatively unused to visitors. They will want to shake your hand and talk to you, nothing more.

Day 13. Thu. Shimoga – Gokarna. 215kms

We’re heading west today and towards India’s stunning west coast. Tonight, we stay almost on the beach, any closer and we would be in the Arabian Sea. Our ride starts across barren and dry landscape before entering the Western Ghats mountain range again, but from the east this time. For much of the ride we have been winding up and down these stunning mountains which form the spine of southern India. The Ghats stretch for 1,400kms from the north of Mumbai across the states of Maharashtra, Goa, Karnataka and Kerala before petering out at the southern-most tip of Tamil Nadu. They have an average elevation of 915 metres, are covered with evergreen and deciduous forest, and are the source of all the major rivers of South India. We’ll stop off on the way at Jog Falls, India’s highest waterfall. The four falls are named Raja, Roarer, Rocket and Rani. At this time of year, the falls won’t be at full flow, but the views are spectacular and worth the stop. It’s winding downhill tarmac road now all the way to the coast.

Day 14. Fri. Gokarna – Colva Beach. 130kms – FINISH

The sun rises at this time of year at around 6.45am and whatever you do, don’t oversleep and miss it. We’ll all take a wander down to the beach first thing and the more adventurous of you can take a swim in the sea. Remember to bring trunks or shorts. You’re safe enough, only dolphins in this part India. We ride directly north back up the coast crossing from the state of Karnataka and back into Goa. You will notice a huge change when entering this tiny state as Goa is decidedly different from the rest of India and has developed a character very much its own. Since almost 1500, it was a Portuguese colony. Vasco Da Gama landed near here in 1498 looking to exploit the highly lucrative spice trade. By the mid sixteenth century its capital (Old Goa), had grown to a thriving city which was said to rival Lisbon in its splendor and incredibly, with a population greater than that of London and Paris at the time. It lasted for over 450 years until Goa became part of India in 1961. Tonight, the last night of the ride will be spent on the beach with delicious food and drinks until the wee small hours.

Time to relax, share our stories and enjoy the freedom of Goa after riding more than 2,000kms across South India. There’s no closing time, just when we’re done.

This is the way to finish a ride.

Day 15. Sat.

Depart for airport or head to the Secret Beach (optional extra).

Day 16. Sun.

Relax at the Secret Beach.

Day 17. Mon.

Depart the Secret Beach.

Information Pack: Dirty Dozen

Download the Information Pack here.

This Information Pack includes everything you need to know about this Adventure, including Insurance Details & Emergency Contacts, Your Health, Kit List, Driving/Riding Conditions, Questions and Answers and Visa Application.


How to get here: The Dirty Dozen


Here are the travel details that will help you to plan and book your flights.




Fly to Goa International Airport (India).

You need to arrive for the start day of the ride on the 18/01/20. The airport is 25kms from our starting and finishing point hotel and taxis are available from outside the terminal. (The taxi should cost you no more than INR 1,000. One thousand Indian Rupees)

Hotel Details: Baywatch Resort Goa, Sernabatim Beach, Colva, South Goa. INDIA. 403708

Tel: 0091 8322 877 777

Check in time: 1pm Check out time: 11am


We end the ride in Colva, Goa on the 31/01/20 and depart the next day for the airport on the 01/02/20. (Or continue to the Secret Beach – optional extra)

We will have paid transport available from the hotel in Colva to take you back to the drop off point at Goa International Airport.

If you are arriving early or staying on after the ride then please contact the hotel directly with your booking details and mention that you are with Nomadic Knights motorcycle tour group.

For your flight arrangements you can try or

These are India based travel websites that offer very competitive rates.

Alex Pirie.

Founder of Nomadic Knights.

Videos: Dirty Dozen